Thursday, March 24, 2011

Makin Magic

from 4-1:15!

 Carlos helped me out a little bit with my Frontierland confusion (He works attractions at Splash). Upper is the trading post and lower is splash and thunder area. so that helps a little! I just have to find where to clock in and stuff still.

I went for a little 3 mile run this morning. Man its only March and it feels like summer running here! High of 90 all week :)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wheres Main Street USA?

A guest asked me where Main Street USA was today. Ummm.... we were standing on it..... hahaha theyre so funny

Had an early shift today 9-3:15. Got my classes registered for this morning at 6 am! Got all 3 that I needed :)
The early shift is nice but its kind of boring... there are not many people in the shops so its kinda slow. Theres not as many people to talk to. Its nice because guests are generally less cranky, kind of a trade off there.
Still havent figured out much about Frontierland :/

The most exciting part of my day is that I got my first GSF Card!!!! Thats a Great Service Fanatic card. You can request one from a leader and you can put down a co-castmember and what they did and the leader approves it with a signature. (Mostly recognizing people performing the basics.... which is repecting all guests including children, projecting a positive image and energy, stay in character and play the part, and going above and beyond. My friend Katie gave me one for going above and beyond with a guest the other night! How exciting! It made my day. When I turn it in, it goes on my record card :)

Monday, March 21, 2011


Quick update -

I am feeling 100 times better :) the medicine from the doc really did the trick!
I only got 1 point for calling out, which isn't so bad.

Grandma made a delicious ham dinner I had before work friday with Aunt Jo, Uncle Lee, Aunt Carol, Uncle Arnie, grandma & Grandpa. It was fun, but I couldn't stay long because of having to get to work.

Tonight was an early night 330-11:30! woohoo. Everyone had already left for House of Blues when I got home so i had dinner at midnight instead lol

I got my schedule for next week - only 1 day off  & I'm deployed to Frontierland! So I have to get a new costume and figure out how to get there and where everything is and where to clock in and all that good stuff ... ugh just when you feel like you know what your doin.... they just move you to a whole new place. Good news is, I get to learn a new location... and i get to go back to Main Street after next week :)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

still sick

Yesterday i went to the Walgreens clinic, and i have a sinus infection... but i got a prescription so hopefully i will be feeling better soon!!! Other than that, theres not a whole lot thats new. I've been on the couch for days :(

Monday, March 14, 2011

more march..

Since my last post, I got to hang out at the parks with Mom, grandma sue, jenna, alaina, aunt julie, uncle les, grandma jackie and grandpa don! It was reallly fun I had a few days off while they were here plus I worked later   at night a few days so we could meet up before then! Mom Jen gramma sue and I had dinner at epcot in italy at Via Napoli, we had an Italian waiter that  had quite an accent that jenna was infatuated with! ahaha and he got all of his Italian male waiters to sing her happy birthday in Italian. She was cheezin big!  Right after mom, gram & jen left i got sick :( Thats been no fun. So far half of us in the apt have gotten it. Theres been a few girls at work sick too. I got a release of shift at work yesterday after about an hour - so i could come home and sleep - which was good because i felt miserable. Today is my scheduled day off so I'm just relaxin around the apt for the day. Tomorrow I have class but depending on how I feel I might stay home from that too.  Just to get as much rest in as possible before I go back to work. So hopefully I wont have to call in any days.
In other news I had a guest look at my name tag last week and he said " Oakland University.... Like the one in the NCAA tournament?" hahah i said yes sir!! And a young girl and all of her cheerleader friends kept calling me ma'am and i felt old haha.

Thursday, March 3, 2011


Things have been pretty busy Tuesday, the 1st and today were my days off which were so nice! Tuesdays class went pretty well. I talked to my instructor about how I'd like to wait to apply for any Professional Internships (PI's) and graduate first and she also thought that would be a good idea & get some more experience. She thought a lot of grad students would probably apply for the creativity one she showed me also.That makes me feel better, bc I didn't want her to think I was being dumb for not applying now. I would really like to go back to school in the fall and finish up.
Today was a pretty productive day off, slept in, went for a run, got some groceries... made chocolate chip cookies. Introduced jules & luis to raw cookie dough!!!! she told me it tasted like pancakes....and that it was practically like eating diabetes on a spoon lol apparently her family doesnt make cookies, they buy them usually. so that was really fun! I went to grandmas to do some free laundry :) and I went to dinner at a Sizzler with them. It was pretty good. The roomies & I thought we would go see MK fireworks but we ended up not being ready on time so we watched Despicable Me instead and it was rediculously cute!

Work this week is:
Tmrw (3rd) 12:15-8:45 [Aunt Julie, Uncle Les & Alaina are coming!]
(4th) 1:45-9:15
(6th) 7:45-4:15 [Mom grandma & jen come in this day!]
(7th&8th) OFF except for class
(9th) 5:15-11:15
(10th) 3:30-12
(11th) 12:45-6:45
(12th) 4:45-12:15