Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Day to Play

So I have some pics from a few weeks ago.
At home <3
Roomie love
Amy & I
Sarah & I

From city walk with Katies friends:
And heres one from MK with another Katie the other day before work:
Yesterday I went to Hollywood Studios with some MSE friends. It rained for awhile so we had to be those tourists in ponchos, but we still had a good time and eventually it did stop raining :)
We are in the back left doin the YMCA haha!
Indiana Jones store
Just before Star Tours
Just Singin In the Rain....
Streets of America.. NYC

Drawings we did at the Art of Animation

Monday, June 27, 2011

End of June

Yesterday I got up early and headed to Magic Kingdom. i was at the front gate by 9:30... I maingated my friend Katie, who had to self-term awhile ago but she was back to visit! We ate at the Bakery on Mainstreet and I had an enormous cinnamon roll it was delicious!!! Then we did some relaxing things like the people mover and Carousel of Progress :) My fave! Headed back up Main Street & in Confect. Ash was making cotton candy so we had some of that and then it was time for me to change for work. I started in Confect at 11:45.
It was kind of a long day since its usually slow in Confect until about 5 or 6. I had a lot of guests that didn't speak English... so it looks like its going to be that way til Aug. I've seen a lot of tour groups here already, one was even from Uruguay.
Other than that nothing exciting has been going on,,, just a lot of work and boring stuff..
Today is my day off so Katie should be taking me to pick up my car in a little while :)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Quick Trip

So my flight home got delayed on Friday so I spent a lot of time in the Orlando airport and missed having hot dog stand lunch with the grandparents :( it was a total bummer!
I got to hang around the house for a few and then mom dad and i went up to new baltimore and they got to see Mike's apartment and the Winery. We went to dinner at PONCHOS :) with Mike's mom & dad too. It was delicious and fun. Saturday we went to dinner with Amy, Lia and Sarah and then went to Rochester with them it was so so so good to see everyone and we had a lot of fun. The rest of the weekend flew bye, I made Mike a shadow box with his OU singlet, baton and Summit League medals... it turned out really good! We went to Mongo since he had a gift card from xmas. We saw Hangover 2 at the show and it was alright. We went back to monroe on tuesday and went looking at new cars for mike that was fun.. and then mom & dad took me back to the airport :(
Now I'm makin some ravioli bake (hopefully it turns out good) and gettin ready for work! 2 months to go.....

Thursday, June 9, 2011


Haven't updated in awhile because the internet has been really stinky! Workin a lot and the usual stuff.
Went to CityWalk for the first time with Katie and her friends from Colorado. Its like Universals downtown disney. Its pretty cool! We ate at Margaritaville too. This is us waiting for a table outside.
I went to Typhoon Lagoon on my day off this week with a bunch of CP friends at MSE. It was a beautiful day and the lines weren't long! Unfortunately this is the last week we are able to go to the waterparks for free :(

Last night after work Katie and I went to MK to play a little bit, got some food, did big thunder... space mtn was closed and we try to avoid splash mountain since our last -drenching- experience. We watched wishes and then got the most center close spot to the castle we could for the Magic the memories and you! show, it was fun but it was so crowded! It was shoulder to shoulder people and no one could move, i was getting very claustrophobic!
At work today someone asked me if there were bathrooms on the monorail! hahaha i almost laughed but then i realized he'd never been on the monorail before! Speaking of monorails I found 2 more monorail pins today! Score!

Other than that, I applied for the Campus Representative position for the College program at OU. They'll probably do a phone interview sometime in July. We had to get new IDs for housing and car decals, apparently its possible for them to make your picture even worse than the first time. The first one they squished my face down so it was short and fat, and this time its zoomed real close! Sheesh...
Just printed my boarding pass, I'll be in MI tomorrow lunch time! I'lhave the 2nd book of the hunger games finished by then!