Monday, October 11, 2010

We're Going to Disney World!

I picked the title of this post for 2 reasons:
1. Dad always made us yell "IM GOING TO DISNEY WORLD" when this logo came on in the beginning of movies as the half circle line went across the screen. Because in order to go back thats what you have to do. Every time.
2. Mike has a plane ticket to come to DISNEY WORLD with us!!! YAY

Current Plans
We are leaving on Friday Feb 4th at like 6 am (you know how mom & dad are) and driving for like a billion hours and will be arriving in FL on Saturday the 5th sometime. (Again this is moms area of responsibility currently) Mike oh so conveniently pointed out that there will be 3 of us driving down in 2 cars and he could only be so kind as to join us so noone has to ride alone! [Hes so nice (: ]  So Sunday we will have the whole day to chill out and relax. Oh yes and we will be staying at Port Orleans Riverside in a Bayou room, not a Mansion room. FYI
Sunday:  Early 8am breakfast at the Polynesian. I plan on ordering pineapple macadamia nut pancakes. I dont know what everyone else will eat :P

Park hop all day and show Mike how its done. Eat at least 1 churro. (and buy mike his own bc it is just one of those things that really cant be shared)

5pm reservations at Yak & Yeti!!!! I cannot tell you what I will be ordering since we have never eaten here yet!!! Props to mom for Sundays plans. :)

Dad will drive Mike to the airport super early Monday so he can catch a flight home (apparently after graduation you have to go to work everyday), and mom and I will head over to check in.
I'm pretty pumped about Sunday February 6th!