Wednesday, December 29, 2010

38 days seems so close yet so far away!

I have not posted in awhile since it has seemed to me that nothing has majorly progressed in my prep for Disney. I also thought my list of "To Do" things was pretty much under control but the more attention I pay to it... the longer it seems to grow! So here is what I have been working on and a list of things I need to get working on.

I got an email before Christmas from Disney that said my arrival date (2/7) has been selected as a trial run for pre-registering online for Disney classes, usually you do that on check in day! So this morning I pre-registered for Creativity & Innovation (C&I) and also an Exploration Series called Exploring Marketing.

A note if you are going to do a College Program (CP) and want to take a class for credit or no credit: It can be very complicated so the earlier you begin talking to advisors the better! I have worked out probably 10 different scenarios for finishing my last semester and I only have 3 classes to finish up! But there are definitely differences in the classes OU will allow for credit and those that I want to take.

A little background on my credit situation for C&I:
Next fall I will actually fufill all of my requirements for my degree but I will be 1 credit short of my graduation credit requirement. (I was actually 5 credits short but I took SOC 100 this fall for 4 credits) I had a REL 170 class scheduled online at OU for 4 credits to fulfill my 1 credit requirement. When I met with the OU Career Services DCP advisor she gave me 3 classes OU approves for School of Business Administration (SBA) credit. The only class I need to take I have just taken this semester. The other two were HR courses that would be OK but there were several other classes that sounded more interesting. So I emailed an SBA academic advisor who in turn talked to the head of Marketing & Management department who agreed to let me take C&I (which was reccommended as an excellent choice by the advisor at Career Services) to fufill my random 1 credit! YAY! I also can now drop REL 170. I still havent figured out if I have to register for the OU's ENT 305 (considered equivalent to C&I for my case) or if I just transfer the credit from Disney later? This email is on my "To Do" list.

Exploring Marketing

Click here to get the details on the Exploring Marketing series

I also have gotten an email "offering" the chance to change start dates to 2/21 which I 1. don't want to do because it will cut into my Disney time (end date is the same 8/12) 2. You don't have the option to take a class due to the date 3.We have travel all ready to go, Dad will be going to Kansas the second week of Feb and Mike already has a plane ticket.  Mom heard they can and have just changed peoples dates. But hopefully since I am pre-registered in a class they won't do that.

We had a send off meeting at school on December 1st and they told us that we will get our Maingate passes via mail. Since currently disney has my address as my school address I need to change that. When I move out of my apartment at OU they likely wont forward anything home and it would be terrible if they threw out my Maingate passes!!!! So i need to email recruiting. Idk how else to get it changed. Add that to the "to do".

Mom has a good start on packing for me upstairs.. cleaning supplies, towels, organizers etc...  But it is hard to start packing when I still haven't moved out of my apartment and I'm still using my stuff! My blankets I need to pack and bedspread are still at school. We are going to Target tomorrow to get some things like socks ( have to be covering the ankle) and sheets (need new regular twin ones) and I also need an ethernet cord (never needed one at OU bc we have wireless there).

Well I apparently had more to catch up on than I thought! Sorry for the long post.. until theres more to report - I'll be playing Epic Mickey with Dad, Have a Magical Day!