Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Welcome to my tropical hideaway, you lucky people you!

Welcome to my blog! If you've been around here lately you'll know how very excited I am to finally start it! My very Magical Adventure blog is dedicated to every experience that comes along with the Disney College Program :) This is my "tropical hideaway" or "laughing place" to discuss all things Disney so hopefully I don't drive my roommates and boyfriend totally nuts!
I suppose I should start from the beginning and play catch up from the beginning of the app process. First you have to go to a presentation at a school or watch the e-presentation. Since OUs presentation is at the end of October I did the e-presentation. It took extra long to finish because the internet was being so slowww.. and I was not being very patient! Then you have to do a web-based interview that is very confusing and long. I couldn't log in since I had a different password for it than my other log ins :s and I couldn't remember it from the previous year.  I told Mom that it was a "sign" but she was just as practical as ever and insisted I was better off to do it fresh & awake. So I did, and I passed! Then I had my phone interview on  Friday 9/17 and it was nerve wracking. She asked me all kinds of different questions than I had last time, and a lot about working in merchandise and with cash registers. Which you would think I would have a lot of experience in, but at the racetrack everything was in 50 cent increments and we did all the math in our heads and at Bath & Body I almost always worked in the front of the store or in the back not ringing up customers. So I was kinda nervous that would work against me. Before I hardly even had a chance to worry about it though, I got an email from Disney College Recruiting!
It was a week later on Saturday 9/25 I had already checked my email once that morning (because I practically check it everytime I sit at my computer) and when I sat back down at my computer like an hour later. There it was!  DUN DUN DUN....... in our school google mail in your inbox view you can see the beginning of your message after the subject. At first glance I saw that it said invitation, but I didn't want to get my hopes up so I turned my computer to Mike and made him read it. He told me that it said I could never go there again or something ridiculous that I knew was NOT what the email said. lol When he told me that it was my acceptance invitation I was shocked and sooo Happy. It still hasn't sunk in yet. I wish I was a better reaction person. Mom & Dad can attest to the fact that Ive never had big, grand reactions to things. When we got cool presents for Christmas Jenna would jump up and down and yell and scream while I just stood there and smiled. :) I don't know why I do that! I did just exactly that when I found out I was accepted even though I'm SO SO SO excited! (and kinda scared!)
Then I had to break the news to the roomies. Amy was happy and Lia was sad that she'd have to have someone knew on her side of the apartment. Sarah must have heard us talking because she walked out to the living room pretty mopey and then we sat on the couch and got teary :'(
Its gonna be so sad to move out of here because I <3 3105 & Amy & Sarah & Lia. But I'm going to try my best to not get carried away with Disney stuff :/  and enjoy every single second of this semester :) Although I can't help but start planning their visit because I know they will LOVE it. and they wont think I'm so weird anymore because they will be singin disney songs (sarah already does hehe) and raving about Wishes.

Welp this is getting long so I'll just have to continue this later my bed is calling me :) Goodnight folks!