Monday, July 11, 2011

Magical Days

So lots has been goin on we've been so busy!

Lets see.... I met the news anchor for the Miami news station lol he was super nice and chatted with us for quite a while. On the 4th of July some friends from MSE and I went to MK to watch the fireworks (and ride the train and get yummies from the Confectionery) after that  we went to EPCOT and caught the fireworks from DHS and Epcots show too!

So on the 4th Rio introduced us to lunch at Sweet Tomatos and its a huge all you can eat salad bar and a potato bar and soup bar too and it was delicious! After we went to MK and we had to SPRINT out of the park mid-grand finale! And half the park followed us out, we made the 1st monorail that was waiting there, when we got off at TTC they didnt have chains up where normally they make you go down the ramp and go back up the entrance to the EPCOT monorail.... so we went straight across and made the monorail waiting there it took off, and they started making ppl go around. We got to epcot, got right inside headed to Mexico and found a good spot around that side and managed to see all 3 fireworks shows!

Epcots totally blew MK out of the water which was really surprising bc normally Wishes is considered wayyyy better than illumination (ithink) but they were definately better! And maura said DHS ones were pretty awesome too so i wish we could have seen those with the music they were set to.

Heres some pics from the 4th:
Playing in the Emporium before fireworks
Playin with Jared (Former MSE) in the Emporium
Eatin confectionery goodies and resting before a night of running around fireworks chasing!

At Epcot waiting for fireworks
After the fireworks at EPCOT it was SUPER packed with guests so lizzy suggested we play in Mouse Gears before leaving to kill some time and let some of the crowd die down
This is a possible princess tutu i might wear in my future disney princess half marathon! lol
Bein silly with Phineus and Ferb
Love for Duffy

Today Maura had the day off and i didnt work til 445 so we went to MK to play and meet Characters.
We did carousel of progress, aladdins magic carpets, peter pan, had ice cream cones & breakfast @ the bakery!

Practically Perfect in Every Way

Me in main street
Angelica from new pirates

While waiting to meet angelica, Pirate Will (below) stole my "spectacles" and mauras camera, he made us chase him all over Adventure land and we finally cornered him, I got his sword and bartered my spectacles back!

Rapunzel!!!!!!! I LOVE HER

Monday, July 4, 2011


I have lots of fun things to chat about but I'm too tired to write them in any sort of logical order. Just got home from a shift in Confect.

will fill you in tmrw... or likely on the 5th :) promiseee