Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Today was my only day off this week... and i acomplished
6 loads of laundry
cooked dinner
and i started the hunger games.. thats about it lol
Was in need of a lazy day and i definitely got one :)

Last night our water turned off... apparently housing is working on pipes and didnt tell us and Katie was brushing her teeth! hahah it was kinda funny, today we got a note that said we would not have water tonight and tmrw from 10p-6a ugh.
could be worse timing i suppose at least they told us today.

The other night at work in the Confectionery a little boy asked me for my autograph! Right in his legit mickey mouse autograph book by the characters and everything. It was like a magical moment for me hahaha
I got to make a magical moment for a bride and groom we gave them a huge mickey krispie with chocolate and sprinkles! they were pretty excited :) We also sang to about 10 different peoples birthdays and gave them birthday mallows so it was pretty fun!

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