Sunday, May 29, 2011

Back from the "Staycation"

How have i been here for 111 days already?! That seems like a lot.

I now understand all the blogs i read before coming here when they said they were too busy to post! Sometimes sleep just has to come first!!! Sorry!!!!

I'll try to catch up here, although its all a blur at times.

So lets see, Katie and I ran a race, the I Drive 5k! It was after a grad nite, so i left work around 5 got home had a snack and Katie and her parents (who were in town that week) came to the apartment and we drove over to I drive. So I didn't even go to bed for the day until like 10 am! We both ran about our goals so we were happy and it was really fun!  There was a whole crew of firemen that ran in their full gear that was really cool! Theres not a whole lot more races we can find it seems summer is not racing season here in FL like it is in MI. Theres one more that'd be cool to do but i pry won't be able to make it. :(

Katie, Maura and I took a day off and headed to Clearwater for a day at the beach! It was really nice, kind of breezy weather but it was sunny and wonderful. We played in the water, shopped a little craft show and got some dinner. Maura had some work friends there that we ran into so they had din with us.

Drew and Stephenie were here and I got to see them for a little bit at MK! It sounded like they were having fun! The last day they were here Mom & Dad had just gotten here and we wanted to meet up with them but we were just lugging stuff to the hotel so we didnt have time :(
 The beach club was amazing! We had quiet pools, a pool with a big slide, lazy river pool and a little beach pool with a sandbar for kids! The lobby even smells like beach! It was way fun and we had an awesome room. I wanted to stay and live there but i dont have enough money for that! We went to parks and walked around, we had lunch in the UK at EPCOT. It was awesome bc we could walk to epcot it was pretty much the same distance as the  pool was from our room! We did a little shopping, we walked around the Boardwalk one night too, since I never really have checked it out. It was really cute. We got to ride the brand new Star Tours twice! we went to rope drop on a weekday and the line wasnt too bad, but we went again on the weekend just to see what it was like, and there were star wars characters everywhere, they were verycool to see but also it was very very crowded!  We gave mom her birthday present early ( a Keys to the Kingdom tour of Magic Kingdom) It actually took place on her birthday but we wanted her to know about it so she didnt plan anything for that morning! I wandered MK in search of monorail pins, while they went on the tour. But with no luck i got my self a dole whip and watched part of Dream along with mickey show, went to the Hall of Presidents (which almost completes attending every attraction at MK since Feb) and Mickey's Philharmagic. I also ordered a little ornament too.

I had three days off while they were here so it was really nice. The other days we did stuff before or after work. Went to the pool almost everyday! It was a nice little "staycation" of sorts! They also brought me some stuff from home like some new Glamour magazines! and some skyline chili! haha

Yesterday I had a morning shift 9:15-5:30 mom and dad left early afternoon so I picked up a extra shift from 6:45-2:15, whew was that a long day! Now I'm back at the apartment and it feels like I haven't been here in ages! I'm off to shower and head back to work!

Only 1 day of this week, lamee...

29th 17:15 ~ 00:30
30th 16:30 ~ 01:15
1st 17:45 ~ 00:15
2nd 15:45 ~ 00:15
3rd 17:15 ~ 00:15
4th 10:15 ~ 18:45

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