Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Busy Bee

Things have been busy around here. Last week I got to go to MK with Aunt Stacy, Emma, Lauren and their friends. It was a really fun time! We did some attractions, shopped, watched the parade! I wish I would have had more days off when they were here! Unfortunately it was right before Grad Nite which was a whole different experience. I began work at 8pm or 11pm which was just odd in itself, and worked til about 5. MK was blasting loud popular music, had DJs, dance parties... it was fun but it was not the usual MK. The fireworks were phenomenal!! they were really awesome I was happy we weren't too busy so we could all go outside and watch. When we weren't busy all the castmembers were in the street dancing with and cheering for the Grads & Chaperones it was fun but we were all dragin by 5am lol

 So I worked Grad Nite friday and Saturday and then come sunday I woke up at 3 and had to leave for work by 4 lol I had  no idea what time of the day it was haha

Maura got deployed to MSE! but shes been working mornings and ive been nights so we haven't seen each other at work :( But she did find me a new monorail pin!!! :) Soo excited about that!

Tomorrow we are going to the beach we just haven't decided which one yet. Today is my last class wooohoooo sooo pumped unfortunately we have to do a dumb presentation but whatever. i will be happy to reclaim my days off! ( or at least have an extra since i started this class the 2nd day i was here!)

I finished reading The Help last week. I liked it, I just started Water for Elephants but im not too sure about it so far.

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