Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Program is over,,, whats next?

To my College Program obsessed followers who aren't holding my hiatus from posting against me:

The most magical experience is over so what do you do next?
Well if you're like me, your heading back to school not withing working distance of the Disney Parks. :( It's sad, I know. I received some very good advice from my leaders & lots of ex-CP-ers. (yes i just coined the term "ex-cp-er") Everyone told me that you will likely have a major magic withdrawal after a few weeks of returning home (true!) and the best way to stay connected when you are far away from the parks & do not become a seasonal CM at your location, is to be a Campus Rep!

Campus Reps or formally, Disney Internships and Programs Campus Representatives, are hired as seasonal CMs by the recruiters that work each area. The recruiter is mostly likely the same guy or gal who came to your campus presentation and recruited you to the program! Each campus has a small group of Reps who work as the eyes and ears of the Recruiter on campus. Students know their campus better than anyone outside of the school, so these students work to promote the Program on campus. Using social media, official student organizations and Collateral sent by Recruiters, they create their own campus marketing plan & execute it!

So taking this excellent advice I applied at the end of my program. Its a very simple application you can fax in. The only must have pre-requisites are to have successfully completed a CP & be enrolled in a college/university. My recruiter Marcie contacted me & set up a phone interview ( just like the ones you do to get into the program).

I began my semester as a Rep in August when I met the other 4 girls that made up my Rep team at OU. Becoming a Rep was a fantastic experience. In attempting to keep updating short posts. I'll post again later this week with some fun stuff we did this semester at OU.
Thanks for reading :)
I'll leave you with an excellent video put together by one of my best Main Street East CMs Miguel! He just posted it for us! Its quite Magical!

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